Something NEW

I’ve gone completely ‘out of the box’ and have joined my hubby as co-host of his new podcast, The Bent Rim . The Bent Rim Podcast is devoted to the automotive enthusiast and we talk about everything from Formula 1 racing to local car shows to our own 1965 Mustang Fastback project. We try to […]

Inch by inch…

Row by row, that’s what makes a garden grow…well, that and some watering and weeding, etc. 🙂 Just a peek at what’s happening so far in my garden. Ripe, red radishes. A row of baby romaine lettuce. Crunchy, sweet sugar snap peas. Carrot tops. Cilantro in the foreground, lavender and lamb’s ear in the background. […]

Nesting pair

I gave hubby a Bluebird nesting box for Valentine’s Day this year. We were a bit late putting it out, but we do have a pair of birds nesting in it now–not Bluebirds, but blue birds.  A pair of Tree Swallows have taken up residence in the box. We have not seen these around our […]