As I see it…

Photography is one of my hobbies, as you may have noticed.  When I take a photo, I like the subject in that photo to speak for itself. In other words, what I want to convey in a photo is exactly what I see at that moment–a little slice of life, so to speak.  I want […]

Make your own cloche

It’s the end of April and we still have the occasional frost/freeze advisories in our area (Zone 5).   One way to protect a tender plant or seedling is to cover it with a cloche. Typically, these are made of glass and can be rather expensive. Recently, though, I’ve seen this great idea to make your […]


It happens every year– I ready the garden beds, I plant the seeds and I wait…and wait…okay, so it’s only been about 7 days since I planted my cool season veggies, but I hate waiting! Just when I think those seeds I planted weren’t viable or the birds ate them or they blew away, I […]