Ode to Spring

When I was a junior in high school, we had to read quite a bit of poetry in English class. I didn’t mind–I was a bit of a day dreamer, so poetry often helped to put the pictures in my mind so I could escape the sometimes dull days of school–especially when the weather outside […]


Yesterday I wandered out to the front porch and startled a robin away. I thought maybe she was building a nest in the crab apple tree nearby. As I walked closer to the end of the porch, I saw something that caught my eye. There on my plant shelf amongst the clay pots is her […]

Planning and Planting

Another growing season is upon us and I have loads of work to do.  Every year, I like to plan out my garden on paper.  I do a rough sketch of the beds, then decide where each seed or plant goes. It’s fun and interesting to see what worked the previous year and what didn’t. […]