Over the past several weeks, we’ve had our wildlife camera set up in the back portion of our property…look very closely and you might be able to see some eyes reflecting back at the flash of the camera. Then we caught the tail end of it… Finally, we got the picture we’ve been waiting for. […]

The Scenic Route

Visiting our daughter at college usually involves about an hour drive on the interstate.  It’s not a bad drive, but the traffic is a bit hectic sometimes. So, yesterday, we took the ‘scenic route.’  It only takes about ten minutes longer to get there and it is so much more interesting. The Ohio countryside looks […]

The Button Box

When I was a little girl, maybe ten or eleven years old, my Grandmother gave me a wooden box.  I think it’s made of cedar and it has a silver clasp and silver decorations on the lid. My Grandmother told me a story when she gave me the box. She said this box belonged to […]