Nesting pair

I gave hubby a Bluebird nesting box for Valentine’s Day this year. We were a bit late putting it out, but we do have a pair of birds nesting in it now–not Bluebirds, but blue birds.  A pair of Tree Swallows have taken up residence in the box. We have not seen these around our property before, so we’re excited about it.

Look closely at the opening to the nesting box and you’ll see a Tree Swallow peeking out to look around.

Here is the male perched on a fence post.  Notice his dark blue feathers all the way to the tip of his tail. These birds are white on the underbelly.

Here is the female.  Her tail feathers are brown. I will try to get closer, so the pictures are a bit clearer, but I didn’t want to disrupt them too much.  Stay tuned! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Nesting pair

  1. Cool!! 🙂
    My female robin did not move when Neil went out on the deck! He walked around, moved the stadium seats and came back in. She ‘hunkered’ down a little but did not leave the nest!! Remember what we talked about today….me and BIRDS. 😦 Nice to look at from afar…or your pictures. 🙂

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