Garden Helpers

I planted my cool season veggies  (snap peas, carrots, beats, radishes, lettuce, spinach, onions) a few days ago.  Until the seeds sprout and grow a bit, I use the water from my rain barrel to water them. Hubby bought this one for me several years ago and it collects enough rainwater each year so I […]

Cobalt Glass

I love the deep rich blue of Cobalt Glass.  Although it has been around for centuries, in the 1700’s a man named Georg Brandt discovered that the mineral cobalt (later proven as a chemical element) gave the glass its deep blue color.  Cobalt glass rose to popularity during the depression era of the 1930’s and […]

Gardening and Birdsong

This morning Hubby and I hooked the small dump bed to the back of the lawn tractor and headed for the garden beds to get them weeded and ready for planting.  The garden did very well last year and I made a real effort to keep up with it–weeding almost daily. I’m so looking forward […]