Vintage Sparkle

I consider myself a jewelry enthusiast and it all started when I was a little girl.  My mother had a vast collection of vintage and fine jewelry and we would sit on her bed and pick pieces from her dresser drawers and jewelry boxes so I could admire and study them. This is where my fascination for jewelry began.  Mom wore (and still wears) the most beautiful jewelry–and she knows her stuff!  Here are a few of my favorite makers of high-end costume jewelry.  These beautiful pieces are a bit more rare, have lots of sparkle and are still fashionable  –they are also currently for sale in my vintage jewelry and accessories shop on Etsy, Sally’s Backyard.

The B. David Company, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, made fine costume jewelry from 1945 to 1993.  This Colorful Crown Brooch is a nice example of their work.

Colorful Crown by B. David

Colorful Crown Brooch by B. David.

B. David signature

B. David signature

The Hobe Company founded in 1887  in Paris, continued from the 1920’s through the early 1990’s in New York. They were known for their “Jewels of Legendary Splendor” in the 1940’s.  This lovely Floral Basket Brooch features one of the Hobe signatures used from 1958-1983.

Floral Basket Brooch  by Hobe.

Floral Basket Brooch by Hobe.

Hobe signature used from 1958-1983.

Hobe signature used from 1958-1983.

Albert Weiss founded his jewelry company in New York City in 1942. It remained in business until 1971.  This beautiful Weiss bracelet features the block letter signature which is one of the earliest.

Pink and Black Rhinestone Bracelet  by Weiss.

Pink and Black Rhinestone Bracelet by Weiss.

Early block style Weiss signature

Early block style Weiss signature.




Garden Helpers

I planted my cool season veggies  (snap peas, carrots, beats, radishes, lettuce, spinach, onions) a few days ago.  Until the seeds sprout and grow a bit, I use the water from my rain barrel to water them. Hubby bought this one for me several years ago and it collects enough rainwater each year so I can water the seedlings for a few weeks before I bring out the hoses.  It sits in the corner of the garden–always within close reach. It has a spout on the bottom, but I usually just remove the lid and filter screen and dip my watering can right in.

My rain barrel.

My rain barrel

Last year I stumbled across an idea to use plastic spoons as row markers. I had some on hand and they hold up well so I can re-use them from year to year.

If you’re wondering why there are strings around the edges of the beds…

…they’re to keep these guys out! 🙂

My garden "helpers"

My garden “helpers”

Notice little white dog’s head is totally immersed in something–at least this time it’s not my garden. 😉


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