Upper Valley Fiber Fest

We headed out to the Upper Valley Fiber Fest in Troy, Ohio, this morning. The weather was a bit rainy and cool, but this festival is held indoors at the fairgrounds.  It’s not a big affair, but there is plenty of fiber and crafty fun.

These two Icelandic Sheep met us at the entrance.


There were some very nice booths with friendly vendors! Hubby purchased a nice set of Mancare Hand Lotion and Man Soap from Virgil’s Soaps–they smell like root beer. 🙂

20140517-122045.jpg 20140517-122034.jpg 20140517-121951.jpg

Also,  some were displaying their crafts–spinning, weaving, paper making and needle felting.

20140517-122000.jpg 20140517-122008.jpg 20140517-122017.jpg 20140517-121930.jpg

This vendor in particular caught my eye. He makes all sorts of jewelry items from Ohio flint.  He told us he digs the rocks, polishes and cuts them himself.  I fell in love with his Ohio shaped pieces and brought home a few as gifts.

Small local festivals like these are a great way to support local artisans and businesses.  I’m looking forward to more this summer! 🙂


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