Garden Helpers

I planted my cool season veggies  (snap peas, carrots, beats, radishes, lettuce, spinach, onions) a few days ago.  Until the seeds sprout and grow a bit, I use the water from my rain barrel to water them. Hubby bought this one for me several years ago and it collects enough rainwater each year so I can water the seedlings for a few weeks before I bring out the hoses.  It sits in the corner of the garden–always within close reach. It has a spout on the bottom, but I usually just remove the lid and filter screen and dip my watering can right in.

My rain barrel.

My rain barrel

Last year I stumbled across an idea to use plastic spoons as row markers. I had some on hand and they hold up well so I can re-use them from year to year.

If you’re wondering why there are strings around the edges of the beds…

…they’re to keep these guys out! 🙂

My garden "helpers"

My garden “helpers”

Notice little white dog’s head is totally immersed in something–at least this time it’s not my garden. 😉


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