Chicken Jen

A few years ago I started following Chicken Jen on Twitter.  Jennifer Wixson, aka Chicken Jen, lives and farms in Maine with her husband where they raise Scottish Highland Cattle. She is a tireless promoter of the local, organic food movement and she is also an author. When she began promoting her book Hens and Chickens, I  ordered it on Amazon and soon found myself infatuated with the characters and their unfolding lives.  This was the first in a series of books, The Sovereign Series, so named because it takes place in the fictional town of Sovereign, Maine. Woven through Jennifer’s books is a love of Maine, its people and its history. The series follows its characters through their triumphs, struggles, friendships, loves and the activities of every day life. Jennifer published the second book in the series, Peas, Beans and Corn,  last year and this summer the third installation, The Songbird of Sovereign, debutsJennifer has an entire website devoted to her books which I highly recommend,  You can get all the details there about Jennifer and her wonderful series. There will be a fourth book in the series and a cookbook–that sometime in the future may warrant another blog post–so stay tuned!

These are some lovely note cards that I won (and are now available for purchase on her website) from Jennifer’s recent Facebook contest that feature the cover art of her books:

The Sovereign Series

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