Thoughtful gifts

I asked for some bird related items for Christmas this year and my Mom’s hubby went all out! He really surprised me with these great items:

These two feeders he handmade from some small logs. He drilled out holes for suet or peanut butter and added some small perches and some old barn wood for a roof.

I hung both of them in our tree line–this longer one by the creek.  I love how they blend right into the surroundings.

He also made me this great bird house.

It’s painted a sky blue color and I placed it so I can see it from my kitchen window.

And, to make sure I had plenty of good things to feed the birds, he gave me these:

Two-1 gallon milk containers, each with 5 pounds of thistle seed, some suet cakes and peanut butter. I love the idea of storing the seed in these milk containers–they are easy to carry around the yard with a handle and they’re not too heavy. Plus, I can store them and not worry about critters getting into them.  I wonder what he’ll come up with next year–I can hardly wait! 😉

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