Barn fresh

I’ve been looking for a bike for a while now. Nothing fancy, a beach cruiser was what I had my mind set on.  We’d been to the big box stores and seen a few that I liked, but I just couldn’t decide– not the right color, too much money, etc.

So, last week we were at a local Barn Sale.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.  I walked over to get a closer look–to  make sure it wasn’t a ’20 footer’ as hubby calls it–something that looks good from 20 feet, but when you get a little closer, the flaws are glaring.  Not so in this case. The closer I got the more I knew, THIS was the one. This was the one I’d been looking for–perfect color, no frills and well within our budget. Yes, it needs a little tlc, but nothing a good bath, some steel wool and a little time wouldn’t cure.

So, here it is–a 1962 Schwinn Racer in ‘Radiant Blue’, complete with a basket!  Of course at the time, I didn’t know the age of this bike, but with a little research we quickly figured it out.

Original stickers intact.

The iconic ‘S’ seat in blue and white.

Schwinn approved!

The original reflector.

This bike has everything I was looking for, including loads of character.  It is a 2-speed with no gears and back-pedal brakes.  I’ve already started the light restoration/clean-up process, so it will be road ready soon.  I will post the ‘after’ pictures when I’m ready to take it out for a spin. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Barn fresh

  1. This bike is almost identical to the one I got on my 9th birthday. Same color, same seat, same everything. Only differences are mine was not a racer model and it was a one speed. I know you will love it! I wish I still had mine.


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