A day at the lake

Recently, we made a trip to Indian Lake for a family cook-out.  I’m an Ohio girl and I am never disappointed by the scenery in our state.

On our way, we passed this old Gulf gas station.

This is Kiser Lake State Park. It is smaller than Indian Lake and a bit more secluded.  Note to self: must visit soon.

Sharing the road with an Amish buggy–we actually stopped at an Amish roadside stand a little further up the road and purchased some baked goods for our cookout.

Indian Lake

I spotted this Great Blue Heron which is native to Ohio.

The Heron only let me get so close before he flew away across the lake.

Across the road from the lake is a river, so we decided to go exploring.

A mother Mallard Duck and her babies swimming under the bridge.

Wildflowers, wild raspberries and osage oranges near the river bank.

A Mallard pair swimming downstream.

More river scenery…

Time to head back to the group and the cookout.  We really enjoyed a beautiful day at the lake (and the river).

4 thoughts on “A day at the lake

  1. Sally, What a lovely collection of pictures, etc. The old Gulf station I remember eating in back when I was a teen-ager and also about 15 years ago. We have also always enjoyed Kiser Lake and also Indian Lake. You are right. Ohio has MUCH to see and explore.


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