A visitor to the backyard…

A few days ago, Hubby was out cutting the grass in the backyard. He stops to investigate what he thinks is a dirt mound near the fence. He turns off the mower, takes a closer look, then yells for me to come have a look, too.

Need a closer look?

Yes, that’s a Snapping Turtle.

Take a look at that shell–I’ve never seen one of these turtles this close, so I was quite surprised by his size.

We had to move him out of the yard, so Hubby got a large bucket and tried to pick him up by the tail. The turtle spun around and snapped at him–he was none to happy with our plan.

After some gentle coaxing and a nudge with the handle of a garden rake, we were able to get him into the bucket and Hubby happily relocated him to our creek about 100 yards away. We have had so much rain this year, we think he must have crawled under our fence.  All is well now–he’s in a safe place–far away from us and our dogs. 😉

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