The Royal Shawl

The Royal Wedding is over, but of course, the media frenzy continues. When Kate (Katherine, Duchess, etc.) was spotted at her local grocery store last week, her photo popped up everywhere–here she is wearing that lovely green shawl.

Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge

The original shawl, I have read, is made of cashmere and cost nearly $300.  It’s a simple design, simply beautiful.

The buzz about this shawl spread to the online knit and crochet community Ravelry with yarn crafters searching for a pattern to match this one.  The suggested  crochet version of the pattern is not identical, but close.  And, this is the one I decided to make.

Mine, of course, is not an exact match to Kate’s.  However, it’s a quick, easy pattern. I used a wool tweed yarn and I blocked the body of the shawl. I especially like the ruffle. So, it is more of a Kate-inspired shawl and so much fun to make.

Now,  I need to get busy with that grocery list!

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