Indoor Gardening

It’s still a bit blustery and cool here, so I’m going to put off planting those cool season veggies another day or two.Ā  However, I have plenty of indoor gardening to do! I love house plants for many reasons–they are beautiful, they really add to the decor and I can garden all year round.

My Mom gave me an assortment of pots she didn’t want anymore (aren’t moms great like that? Just giving you old stuff they don’t want?) šŸ˜‰Ā  Anyway, I put these to good use today.

I have some plants in desperate need of new containers…

Look at this…bet Mom didn’t know this one was in that bag of pots she gave me.Ā  It’s Roseville Pottery.


A few decorations to jazz things up a bit…


Now, time to get to work. I think these will work well together…


I love to play in the dirt.


These Christmas Cactus look nice in this urn pair.


And, this aloe looks great in the seashell with the little trellis for support.


Ta-da! Here are the finished products–happy plants with new homes ready to set out around the house.

A very productive day of gardening, I’d say.Ā  Oh, and Mom, thanks! I really do appreciate it. šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Indoor Gardening

  1. The plants look great and yes I knew there was a Roseville Planter. Wanted you to have it.
    The seashell was a favorite of mine. Glad you are enjoying them. Love, Mom

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