American Prairie Foundation

I am a big fan of conservation. There is a group I follow on Facebook called The American Prairie Foundation that is doing wonderful work in preserving America’s prairie lands. I urge you to go their website to see the work they are doing. Recently, they had a contest on Facebook asking,
“Why is the preservation of America’s prairie important to you? In a few sentences, share what the building of American Prairie Reserve means to you, and you could win an APR water bottle”.

My response,

“The preservation of America’s prairie not only preserves the land, but also preserves the species that survive on that land so that we and future generations may enjoy and benefit from this truly American landscape.”

Well….I won with that response! It really doesn’t take much to make me happy.  In a week or so, I received my prize in the mail.

A lovely notecard with a ‘Downy Paintbrush’ plant on the front and an electric blue ‘American Prairie Reserve’ water bottle.  Thanks, American Prairie Foundation! And, keep up the wonderful work so that we and future generations can appreciate our American landscape. 🙂


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