It’s the first weekend of April and FINALLY it’s time to get out in the garden. We did manage to go out a few weeks ago to clean up a bit when we had a brief warm up, but the weather has been cold and wet since then. Today was a bit windy, but sunny and in the mid-60’s, so out we went. The goal this year is to get the garden beds to a more manageable size.  Six years ago we put in 2 raised beds,  6′ x 10′.  The following year, we put in another 2 raised beds, 8′ x 4′.  These two smaller beds are so much easier for me to manage. I can reach across them and garden with ease.  The larger beds, however, became the bane of my existence. Keeping up with weeding and watering were difficult because the beds were just too big.

So, this year we decided to ‘shrink’ the larger beds down to 6′ x 4′.  From these 2 larger beds, we could make 4 smaller beds. Ones I can work around, reach into and garden with ease.  We cut a section out of the middle of the large bed (planning to finish the other bed next weekend) and added new untreated boards for the new sides.

Now I have room to move in and around the beds, making this a much more manageable garden.


Next weekend, we will tackle the other large bed. This bed contains my perennial herbs, so I will be able to save these without moving them since they are located on the front end of the bed.  I’m very pleased with the results so far.


In the herb section of my garden, I have sage, oregano, chives and thyme coming up.  And, we also have a few other early spring sprouts.

Volunteer spring onions.


And, strawberries.

I plan to plant some cool season crops this week in my smaller beds–sugar snap peas and a variety of salad greens. Stay tuned! 🙂



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