My Crochet Time KCBW Day 7

You know that George Thorogood song, “I Drink Alone”? Well, that’s how my crochet time goes–without the alcohol.  “I craft alone, yeah, with nobody else. ”  And, honestly, I like it that way.  I sneak away to my office, turn on a good podcast, sit back in my chair with my project bag by my side and crochet.  It’s peaceful, contemplative and therapeutic.  I often have a cup of tea nearby and a cookie if we have any in the house, if not, then chocolate.  I try to  make my crochet time as uninterrupted as possible.  There are times when I crochet in front of the TV with the family, but they get frustrated hearing me say,  “‘hold that thought, I’m counting.”  So as I wrap up this final post for the  Knit and Crochet Blog Week, I think I hear George calling…gotta run! 🙂


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