Where are they now? KCBW Day 4

I love to crochet–it’s my passion and my obsession. I make a lot of projects, most of which I gift to others.  When I’m making something for someone, I think a lot about the recipient as I crochet.  If it’s a family member, I wonder how they will use the item, if they will like it and I reminisce.  I think about times we have spent together, memories.  If I’m making something for a charity or as a commission, I try to imagine how the article will be used and appreciated.  Once the item has left my hands, I know the recipient will appreciate and enjoy it however they see fit. Even if the item is placed in a drawer for ‘special occasions’, I’m okay with that.  So, for me, wondering what’s happened to a certain item or how it is being used, isn’t something I tend to think about.  I enjoy the process and putting a bit of myself into every item I make.  My connection is to the person, not the object.  Where are those projects now? I don’t know and to me, it’s really not important. 🙂

My first throw made for my daughter–it’s in her room, if you must know. 😉


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