An icy morning

Much of the Midwest is enduring yet another winter storm. This time instead of snow, we have ice.  So, out I went, camera in hand, to survey the property.

Before venturing out too far, I put on this nifty gift hubby and I bought for each other for Christmas. These Stabilicers Lite purchased from LL Bean  make walking on icy surfaces pretty much trouble-free.  I was able to navigate the driveway which is now an ice rink, with no problem.

Here is hubby wearing his Stabilicers walking along our icy path.

Venturing near the creek, even the bird house has some icicles hanging from its roof.

Surprising to find something unfrozen.  I’m sure the birds appreciate this small area of running water.

Everything looks beautiful encased in ice…


Red Twig Dogwood

Rose hips

A butterfly hiding behind Black-eyed Susan seed heads.

Pine boughs


And, what’s at my bird feeders?

besides icicles…

A few goldfinches  sporting their duller winter colors.

And one of my favorites, the Northern Flicker enjoying the suet.

We’re expecting snow soon, so this icy landscape will soon be covered in a blanket of white.  Listening to the tree branches clicking together in the chilling wind,  I hope the snow holds off for a while so we can enjoy this glimmering show a while longer.




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