Making a plastic bag holder

In the spirit of recycling (and to free the clutter in my pantry), I decided to make a plastic bag holder.  I found my inspiration from Martha Stewart and instructions found on her website,  here.  I didn’t use a dish towel for this project, so I had to add a few extra steps using a […]

Patchin’ things up

Normally, when things wear out, I replace them. My favorite pair of jeans, however–no way. I’ve had this pair of jeans for years. I don’t remember when or where I bought them and it doesn’t really matter, except to say they are the most comfy jeans I own. With each washing they are becoming more […]

Dish towel apron

My mother gave me these cheery cotton dish towels for Christmas and as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to transform them into an apron. I used 2 dish towels–one for the top and one for the ‘skirt.’  Here’s how: First, lay out one of the towels lengthwise and fold down the […]