The Scenic Route

Visiting our daughter at college usually involves about an hour drive on the interstate.  It’s not a bad drive, but the traffic is a bit hectic sometimes. So, yesterday, we took the ‘scenic route.’  It only takes about ten minutes longer to get there and it is so much more interesting.

The Ohio countryside looks serene in Winter.

Buildings dot the snow-covered fields…

…and old structures stand the test of time.

You never know what might be waiting around each bend and curve in the road.

This old covered bridge put some excitement in our trip.

The Bigelow Bridge, built in 1873.

Restoration of the bridge took place from 1989-1991.

A view from inside the bridge to the frozen creek below.

I’m not really sure what this building was–maybe an old school.

The only clue is the stone marker dated 1903.

The speed limit slows as we enter a small town.

Nice details and old wavy windows on this old brick building in the center of town.

And, of course, an old church with large stained glass windows standing proud as we pass by.

Back out in the countryside, the shadows are growing long towards the end of the day.

But, one more surprise awaits us at the next turn…

This beautiful barn with a colorful quilt square painted on the front.

Traveling off the beaten path gives us a chance to see the things we might miss otherwise. The homogenized scenery we see from the highway makes everything look the same.  Taking the scenic route gives us a glimpse at the character and rural charm that still exist if we  give ourselves a few extra minutes to explore.

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