Patchin’ things up

Normally, when things wear out, I replace them. My favorite pair of jeans, however–no way. I’ve had this pair of jeans for years. I don’t remember when or where I bought them and it doesn’t really matter, except to say they are the most comfy jeans I own. With each washing they are becoming more and more thread-bare and the dreaded holes are appearing.  So, instead of throwing them out, I did what all mothers have been doing for years–I patched them. Remember those denim patches your Mom would sew into the knees of your jeans when you were a kid? Not cool and definitely not comfortable. I decided to take a more pleasant approach…

I gathered up some cute scrap fabric. I like the look of different patterns and different colors.

Then, I assessed the damage…ouch.

Time to patch things up. I got out the pinking shears to put a nice edge on my patches, then I cut the pieces to cover the holes.

Next, pin the pieces in place….

..and either sew them on by hand with a whipstitch or sew them on the sewing machine.  I opted for the machine.

This is a quick, easy project and not a new idea by any means.  If I get a few more months (or even years) out of these jeans, it’s worth it. They’ll be great to wear around the house or even out running errands.  I’m sure these jeans will be a work in progress as I continue to patch them– and I know at some point they’ll have to go, but they do look kinda cute with the patches.  It gives them that ‘retro’ look, right? 😉


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