Dish towel apron

My mother gave me these cheery cotton dish towels for Christmas and as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to transform them into an apron.

I used 2 dish towels–one for the top and one for the ‘skirt.’  Here’s how:

First, lay out one of the towels lengthwise and fold down the top corners 4 inches. Then,  just pin the corners in place and sew along the inner edges. This forms the top of the apron.

Next, lay out the other (striped) towel and place the solid towel over it. I made sure to center the solid towel over the striped one. The photo is showing the ‘wrong side’ of the apron.

Pin these pieces in place along the edges and bottom of the solid towel.  Place one pin in the center of the solid towel. This marks the line to sew down the center to form the pockets.  First, sew along the pinned edges only, leaving the top of the solid towel open. Then, sew down the middle of the solid towel for the front pockets.

Look closely and you can see the middle seam and the pockets. This is the ‘right side’ of the apron.

Next, I needed a neck strap. You could sew these out of fabric, but I like to crochet, so I thought I’d crochet mine.  I simply used an ‘I’ hook and some worsted weight yarn.  My finished strap is 25 inches long. Here’s a quick pattern: Chain 80, turn. Single crochet in each chain across, turn. Chain 2, skip first single crochet, then double crochet in each single crochet across, turn. Chain 1, single crochet in each double crochet across. Finish off.

Now, I needed 2 ties for the ‘skirt’ portion of the apron.  Again, I used an “I” hook and the same worsted weight yarn. Each tie is 25 inches long. Here’s a quick pattern for the ties: (Make 2) Chain 80, turn. Double crochet in 3rd chain from hook and in each chain across.  Finish off.

Now, to attach the strap and ties, I sewed them on with buttons.

Position the strap so it fits over your head comfortably. The yarn will stretch a bit, so keep this in mind.  I sewed the button and strap directly to the fabric, so it’s not removable.

Before sewing the strap in place, make sure to line up the ends so it is even on both sides.

Attach the skirt ties in the same way. Just position the tie and button to the top outer edge of the skirt and sew in place.

The finished apron!

Modeled by my lovely assistant, Wilma…now if I could only get her to cook…

It’s just that easy! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dish towel apron

  1. This is so cute.

    Do you remember that sewing class we took at St. Pete’s? Ugh! Looking back, it would have made a good episode of “I Love Lucy”.


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