Small town treasures

Our recent trip to the cabin just wouldn’t be complete without a trip into the small town nearby. We have a few favorite places we like to visit and even though it’s a very small town, we always manage to find some treasures there.

The ‘traffic circle’ in the middle of town.

The farm service store.

The police station–this is a very small town. 🙂

This is one of our favorite stops–the Fruit Co.

The Ridge Restaurant–a great place to eat and the best homemade glazed donuts.

The tallest structure in town–the local church steeple.

I love these old church windows.

Three Martin houses on the edge of town.


Once we toured the town, we headed back to the cabin with our treasures.

Three bags full of juicy, delicious apples from the Fruit Co.

Pumpkin Spice and Maple glazed donuts from The Ridge Restaurant.  (These didn’t last long).


The Ridge Restaurant also has a small corner with a few antiques and linens for sale. While waiting in line to pay for our donuts, I spotted a lovely filet crocheted piece draped over a wooden shelf.  I walked over to look at it and the tag said,  “Hand made in Laurelville.” I walked away, but kept looking back at the piece. Something drew me back to it and I decided it must go home with me. When I handed it to the woman at the cash register, she told me that an elderly woman in town had made it, but she’d passed away about a year ago.  I told her I crocheted and I really loved the detail that went into this piece. She told me the woman who made it never thought her work was worth anything–I told her it was worth quite a bit to me and she said she was happy it was going home with someone who would appreciate it.

Filet crochet roses made with crochet thread.





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