A cabin in the woods

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, the hubby and I spent a relaxing weekend at a cabin in the woods.  It’s a place for us to go and reflect, relax and just enjoy the surroundings.


A peek into the woods.

The snow was beginning to fall.

A bit of autumn color through the snow showers.

Wild blueberries scattered on a bed of leaves.

Soft green needles of a White Pine.

Icicles forming on the deck.

Our two favorite trees.

Incredible markings on the bark.

Snow covered branches–our view from the deck.

A bit of sunshine appears.

A big open sky above the canopy.

A wintery walk down to the fire pit…

…covered in a fresh blanket of snow.


There’s something calming about a cabin in the woods–with the snow gently falling, coating the trees and forest floor like sifted powdered sugar.  The trees are so tall here–they sway ever so gently in the winter winds. If there is peace on earth, it is right here, in this place, if only for a moment. Standing so still the only sound I hear is my breath, a distant bird and the wind.


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