The meadow

This morning I spent harvesting, drying and storing the remaining summer herbs from my garden.  As I worked, I kept looking out the kitchen window at the back half of our property we’ve let naturalize. It was drawing me out and since it’s such a beautiful day, I finished up my work, grabbed my camera and headed outside to explore.

As I walked through the backyard, I visited the garden…

This little moth perched on the last of the lavender blooms.

The cosmos is in bloom…these beauties speak for themselves.

Time to move on…

These bunches of white flowers remind me of miniature daisies. They line the paths and have filled up the meadow like a blanket of snow.

These little flowers attract a host of insects, butterflies and bees.

There are so many bees the whole meadow hums as you walk through.

Continuing along the path, I see all kinds of vegetation.

The milkweed pods are beginning to open. Soon these seeds will be floating on the breeze.

Clumps of grasses have sprung up everywhere.

The goldenrod sway their yellow heads from side to side.

So glad you could join me for my afternoon stroll. This fleeting fall weather will soon pass over to winter. I can’t wait to explore this area in the snow. Each season brings its own beauty…come back and enjoy it with me.

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