A Wool Gathering

I’ve been looking forward to today for a long time…well, since last year’s fiber festival, anyway.  This year hubby and my daughter accompanied me to an even bigger and better gathering of all things fiber.  Let the fun begin…

This year there were four main tents filled with vendors. There were also many outdoor vendors squeezed in between the four large tents.

The first of many lovely yarn booths. It was like stepping into a rainbow.

These two little girls were intently watching a sheep shearing demonstration. They so remind me of my two daughters when they were that age.

And what would a fiber festival be without animals…

Is that llama winking at me?

The llamas were huge and although they look friendly, seemed a bit skittish when we reached out to pet them.

My daughter getting her first-ever look at llamas.

Of course, there were many breeds of sheep.

These sheep were waiting their turn to be sheared.

This is just one of the many Angora rabbits we saw.

A farm display and a lovely 100% wool crocheted afghan.

There were plenty of activities for the little ones, too.  This one looked like fun to me!

Don’t forget the caboose. 🙂

This little guy is carrying that yarn like a baby. He was being so careful.

Even with all this activity, there is still plenty of work to be done on the farm.

Colorful braided ropes of roving.

Some lovely knitted shawls…and more yarn.

Felted works of art.

More yarn! I just love the orange skeins.

Beautifully crafted spinning wheels.

‘Earth in Arts’–my favorite soap and lotion vendor. She makes all of her products organically and they are wonderful. So much lemony, lavender goodness.

Spinning looks like such a relaxing craft.

Weavers in period clothing.

These skeins look like jewels sparkling in the sun.

Strains of guitar music filled the air.

Looks like hubby even found the musical instruments. Here he’s giving a Peruvian flute a try.

This baby alpaca was hanging out with a few of his friends.

My daughter is about to get a lesson in spinning with a drop spindle.

Guiding hands…

Gently spinning roving into yarn.

Ta-dah! Her first 2-ply yarn strand. Of course, I had to buy her a drop spindle and she picked out some lime green roving to use for practice.

This fine gentleman was bidding us goodbye.

So after a couple of hours at the festival on this very warm fall day, we are ready to head home with our wares.

A lovely bunch of goodies and memories enough to hold us until next year’s fiber festival.  A special thank you to hubby and dear daughter for going along for the ride and sharing this wonderful hobby with me.

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