My favorite color is chrome!

This year marked the 3rd annual ‘Historic Route 40’ car show.  I don’t know much about cars–the specifics like engine sizes, exhaust, transmissions, brakes, etc.,  although I’ve learned quite a bit from hubby–he is currently restoring our 1965 Mustang Fastback, but that’s a blog post for later.  So when I go to these shows I look for things that interest me…color, shape, craftsmanship, Fords and even humor. Did I mention Fords?  😉

A pink jeep…complete with a pink tool kit.

The lines of a ’65 Fastback…

A ’65 Ford pick up truck…I have a fondness for Ford trucks.

A sea of color…

Nostalgic looking trophies…

Amidst the strains of Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” blaring through the DJ’s speakers, I find hubby checking out an engine…I guess I’m more of a superficial car lover.  I enjoy the way cars look on the outside. After all,  first impressions are everything. 🙂

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