Local History

Whenever I get the chance to vacation, I love to visit local museums and historic sites.  So, I’ve been thinking…we have so much to see and do right here in our ‘backyard’ that it’s time to start exploring. I enjoy learning the history of my area. Who roamed these farm fields before they were farm fields? Who settled the nearby cities and towns? Who cared enough to preserve these things for the future?  Today we visited a nearby historical landmark that begins to answer some of my questions.

Our area was once inhabited by Native American Shawnee tribes.

This is the Peckuwe Village. The Shawnee lived on these grounds in the 1700’s.  It is also the location of The Battle of Piqua.  Colonel George Rodgers Clark led the battle here against the Shawnee in 1780.

The Davidson Interpretive Center is a small museum dedicated to the history of this area and the battle that took place on these grounds.

Wildflowers line the walk that winds its way up to the Davidson Center.

Overlooking the battlefield:

A statue of Carleton Davidson, the man responsible for building the Interpretive Center:

Inside the Interpretive Center there are many artifacts, like these arrowheads. There is also a small shop, “The Time Traveler’s Shop” where we talked for a while with one of the volunteers that works in the shop–she is also the caretaker of the Hertzler House (The Hertzler family were early settlers of the area) located across the street. She lives in the house with her husband and has for the past 15 years.  She told us a few stories  of  things that go ‘bump in the night’ in the historical home.  I purchased a print of the Hertzler House for our dining room:

The Hertzler House as it looks today.

This battlefield marker is just down the hill from the Hertzler House.

Looks like Hubby made a new friend…he makes friends wherever he goes. 😉

Raindrops are beginning to fall, so we need to move on, but I’m hoping one of our next stops will be a tour of the Hertzler House.  This is such a peaceful place, so far removed from the skirmishes of the past.  And to think, it’s all in my own ‘backyard.’


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