Frog and Toad

My daughters, who are just a year apart,  had the same 1st grade teacher.  She was this bubbly, full of life woman–the kind of teacher you never forget. I remember them reading the book  Adventures of Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel.  Their teacher was wonderful and had a way of bringing books and their characters to life.  I always wished I’d had her as a teacher myself.   So where is this leading, you’re wondering? Well, last night we were preparing for yet another thunderstorm–they seem to roll in regularly.  Anyway, I went out to the front porch and moved some potted plants down from their shelves and before I went back into the house, I moved the fern by my front door to a place of safety, so it wouldn’t blow away. When I did, much to my surprise, I found this little guy staring back at me:

Gray Tree Frog

He was maybe an inch or so in length and quite surprised to see me as well. I laughed out loud, ran and got my husband and my camera. They have a very big sound for such a small creature. We hear them singing every night from the creek and the pond that has formed in the field next door.

So, thinking my surprises for the evening were over, my husband called me around to the front of the garage. Under my car was this guy:

Fowler's Toad

My husband said this toad hangs out with him most evenings near the open garage door catching bugs and hopping around.  Sometimes he even hops into the garage and my hubby gently coaxes him back out into the world.  He came out to pose for a few more shots, then we left him alone.

So, in honor of that 1st grade teacher and Mr. Lobel…I bring you my own adventures of Frog and Toad.  It’s amazing to me what we’ve found on our property. We co-exist with all of these amazing creatures and it truly is an adventure.

Adventures of Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel


3 thoughts on “Frog and Toad

  1. I have a somewhat ‘fat’ toad that lives in my backyard every year…or a family member. For six years I did not see my friend but this spring he’s back…or is it me who’s back! 😉 While working on the patio, I failed to notice Fatt Buddie nearing the patio door that leads inside. When I did see his near entrance, I quickly leaped over him and gently ushered him back outside. Must have made a comical sight. 🙂

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