A couple of weeks ago I followed my dogs out to the garden where they had discovered something fascinating…at least to them.  I knew right away it was some sort of nest on the ground, covered  with grass and fur. The first thing I did was to barricade around the nest so the dogs would leave it alone. Tomato cages and pots from the potting bench would have to do until my husband got home so we could investigate further. I was pretty sure it was a rabbit’s nest, but I was afraid the babies didn’t make it, so when hubby got home, we walked out to the spot and he gently pulled away the grass and fur covering the nest.  I had done some research on the Division of Natural Resources’ website earlier in the day, just in case it was a rabbit’s nest, so we would know how to move it –to protect the babies from the dogs and to move them away from our vegetable garden. This is what we found:

Just as bunnies!

According to the DNR’s website, we had to move the bunnies no more than 10 feet from the original nest, using as much of the original nesting material as possible. So, hubby dug a small hole on the other side of the fence directly in line with the old nest.

A new home.

Lining the new nest.

A tiny baby.

Hubby collecting the babies to move to their new home.

The babies with the remainder of the nest material--all settled and covered in their new home.

A few days later, we noticed the nest material moved aside and the bunnies were gone. We hoped the mother moved them, which the DNR said might happen. The nest was not ransacked, so encouraged by this, we remained positive the babies were okay. Over the past few days, we have seen several small bunnies hopping around our property, so we think these are the ones we relocated.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Relocation

  1. I think there’s a song lyric,”He holds me in the palm of his hand”. 🙂
    Are the little one’s eyes still closed?

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