I was out in the garden the other day and noticed an area that was dug up around some herbs in one of the beds.  Probably a bird, I thought, because it was a small area. I tidied up the hole and left it at that.  So, today I was back outside doing some weeding in the beds and planting a few more seeds.  Again, I noticed some  areas with disturbed soil, and then I saw him…tucked in underneath the garlic was this guy…

…who I’ve  named, “Hopper.”  He didn’t even budge from his spot when he saw me, so I welcomed him to my garden and hopefully he will munch on all those insects that like to munch on my plants. I just need to look before I reach in to pull that next weed.


4 thoughts on “Hopper

  1. He is mammouth!

    We have two “Hoppers”. The one out front digs little holes all over the place and the one out back likes to sit on the patio under the light and eat bugs. Better him than me!

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