As I see it…

Photography is one of my hobbies, as you may have noticed.  When I take a photo, I like the subject in that photo to speak for itself. In other words, what I want to convey in a photo is exactly what I see at that moment–a little slice of life, so to speak.  I want you, as the viewer, to see the lighting and the colors just as I do. Like most things, I like to keep my photography simple. I like to keep my editing to a minimum, usually just cropping for size, zooming in for a close-up,  or to cut out anything distracting in the background–really focusing on the subject at hand.  I want you to see the subject of each of my photos as I see it, that is my goal.  So, with that in mind, I hope you enjoy the photos I took today. I want you to feel like you were standing in my shoes on this beautiful Spring day, soaking up the warmth and enjoying nature’s show.

Red twig dogwood bloom

Peony, a peek of color

Peony bud and friend

Roseglow barberry

Japanese maple in all its glory


crawdad hole...anybody in there?


creek side rocks

tiny, heart-shaped leaves of the Redbud

Pincushion flower

Redwing Blackbird...protecting his territory


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