Make your own cloche

It’s the end of April and we still have the occasional frost/freeze advisories in our area (Zone 5).   One way to protect a tender plant or seedling is to cover it with a cloche. Typically, these are made of glass and can be rather expensive. Recently, though, I’ve seen this great idea to make your own cloche, so I thought I’d share the idea here on my blog. Now, of course, if you have many seedlings or large beds to protect, consider using row covers or even bed sheets  to keep the frost at bay.  Anyway, here are the ‘directions’ to make your own cloche…again, I didn’t invent this, just sharing the idea.

First, cut the bottom out of a clean milk or water container.

Next, place the cloche over the plant that needs protection.

You can remove the cap during the day for air circulation.

The cloche acts as a mini-greenhouse. If temperatures continue to hover near freezing for several nights in a row, you can leave the cloche in place–just remove the cap to allow for air circulation during the day.  When placing the cloche, dig it in just a bit so it doesn’t blow over. Remember to close up the cloche at night.  A simple solution that works!

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