We’re having a bit of a meltdown here, of snow that is.  After experiencing some heavy snowfalls, one right after the other in the past few weeks, the temperatures have finally risen to the point where some of this snow is  beginning to melt. Of course, now a thick fog has set in, but the sun will appear soon, I’m sure of it.

I’ve been waiting for a day like today with warmer temperatures to venture outside and re-fill the bird feeders.  They seem to appreciate the seed buffet and I’m entertained by the variety of birds at the feeders. Recently, I’ve seen house finches, black-capped chickadees and a variety of sparrows. The suet feeders are attracting downy woodpeckers and even a red bellied woodpecker.  We have a northern mockingbird that hangs around our property, too, but I think he’s more interested in the creek and tree line.

In addition to the feeders, I like to leave my perennials just as they are when they died back in the Fall. They contain so many seeds the birds love, especially the black-eyed susans and coneflowers.  When Spring finally arrives, I will cut the plants back to allow the new growth to emerge and by then, the birds find plenty of food on their own.

So, another day closer to Spring–the birds and I are getting rather anxious. Soon, I tell them, soon.

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