It’s January, there is snow on the ground, it’s Winter.  Fortunately, for me, the seed catalogs are arriving just in time to keep me from the Winter blues.  Planning my garden in the middle of Winter is something I really enjoy.  I look through photos of  my garden from previous years and plan what to put where.  My focus this year is planting only what we really like to eat.  I’ve experimented quite a bit over the past few years and proven, that yes, if you plant a seed, it will grow.  So I have to be careful to plant the things we really enjoy eating.  Last year, for instance, I realized that dill re-seeds itself, so I had half a garden bed full of it.  It’s tempting, though, looking through those catalogs to try something new.  I hear so much about ‘sustainability’ and ‘edible gardens’–those are the buzz words these days–seems like ‘everything old is new again’.  But, whatever it takes to get folks interested in gardening or at least knowing where their food comes from is a big step forward.  So, I’ll continue to look through the catalogs and dream of  Spring and all the possibilities that lie ahead for my vegetable garden.

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