It  is  already the second day of the New Year. I’m looking out my kitchen window watching the snowflakes fly. It is bitterly cold today–not much ‘new’ out there.  While driving home from some errands today, my husband and I spotted a rather large coyote bounding across a snowy field. There was a small herd of deer nearby, so we guess he was looking for food. Coyote are beautiful animals, sleek and hunkered down when they run. Their big bushy tails probably keep them very warm when they curl up in their dens.  I like to think for the coyote and the deer and all the other creatures, their new year begins in the Spring. Food and shelter is more plentiful, the warm temperatures giving them the freedom to  move about wherever and whenever they please.  I think this is true for me, too.  I love the change of seasons, but when Spring comes and I can plant my vegetable garden and clean up my perennial beds, that is a new beginning for me, that is my new year. So, for now, I wait, doing the things I enjoy indoors until the first signs of Spring appear…when the world is new.


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