Little gifts

I woke up this morning and thought I’d start some chicken in the crock pot. Chicken and noodles sounds so good for tonight’s dinner. Of course, I needed some carrots, so I wandered out to the garden to see if we had any left. I was really surprised to see that not only did we have carrots, but we had strawberries and broccoli. My hands could only hold so much, so I grabbed a piece of a broken clay pot to hold the carrots. I made my way back to the house to grab my basket. I returned to the garden to collect the rest of the carrots and other goodies. To my surprise, some of my herbs had made a comeback with the cooler weather. I was able to collect some rosemary, parsley and oregano.  My garden never ceases to amaze me…just when I think it’s done for the year, it offers me these little gifts for which I’m always thankful.

parsley, carrots, strawberriesmore carrots and brocolliparsley, rosemary, oregano


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