Where the buffalo roam…

Just about a mile from my house is a bison ranch. I know, bison is not the first animal that comes to mind in the midwest. We are fortunate to have 3 of these farms in our area.  People are looking for healthier food to eat and bison fits the bill.  They are raised mainly for their meat, which is extremely lean, but also for their fur, which can be processed and spun into yarn.  We visit the farm closest to our place on a regular basis for meat and farm fresh eggs. These animals are quite a sight. They are not particularly fond of people, so getting too close is not feasible. From a distance, however, they are a joy to watch. They move slowly and methodically. And, they are huge, imposing animals. To think that millions of them roamed the U.S. at one time seems unimaginable. I feel very fortunate to have these animals being raised not far from our home…”and the skies are not cloudy all day”.Quiet Creek Bison Farm


One thought on “Where the buffalo roam…

  1. After reading all your enries again, I’m convinced you and Bill would have had one more thing in common. Writing seems to be a natural thing for both of you.

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