Indian Summer

We’ve been blessed this week with a few warm days…Indian Summer.  This morning seemed like the perfect time to plant my garlic.  Last year I bought some garlic from the local farmer’s market. It’s a hardneck variety, supposedly heirloom. I didn’t pay enough attention to get the name, but when Fall rolled around last year I wondered if I’d have any luck planting some of that garlic.  Sure enough, I did. It came up this Summer and I imagine we’ll be eating what I harvested well into Winter.  It’s so juicy and aromatic…the garlic fills the room whenever I use it in a recipe.  So, with Fall quickly fading and a beautiful morning at hand, it was time to plant.  I cleared away some of the weeds and left-over plants that had died back with our first hard frost to make room for the cloves.  The birds were singing and flying overhead almost as if they wished, like I did, that it was Spring.  But, soon the snow will fly and when Winter finally subsides, the first thing to greet me in the garden will be the garlic I planted on this warm Indian Summer morning.


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