Someone asked me recently, “What inspires you?”  Well, I seem to draw much of my inspiration from nature. Whether I’m choosing a color of yarn for a new crochet project or the color of paint for a room in my home, my first choices  are colors from nature.  When I write,  I’m always thinking of the natural world and how we relate to it. When I garden, well, then,  I’m in the thick of it… ‘in my element.’  The one particular aspect of nature that inspires me the most, though, is the sky.  Sunrise, sunset or just clouds floating by, I’m always in awe of the sky.  The crisp blues of  Autumn , the white wispy clouds of Summer, the muted pinks of a sunrise, the orange-reds of a sunset…memsorizing, captivating, inspirational… I love the sky.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I just checked into see your website. It looks like you’ve been busy!

    I too, love the sky, especially when it’s deep blue with cotton like clouds. It opens my mind to the past and to the future and makes me think of all the loved ones that have passed before me.

    Keep writing and we’ll keep enjoying.


  2. “There’s beauty in the silver singing river, There’s beauty in the sunrise in the sky, But none of these and nothing else can match the beauty, That I remember in my true love’s eyes” – Bob Dylan

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