Did I mention apples?

My brother-in-law lives not too far from us on about a 4 acre property. When he first purchased this place it had been a bit neglected. It was an old nursery and most of the remaining nursery stock had been left to grow along with the weeds. So, for the last few years, my brother-in-law has been clearing and cleaning up the property. He’s a landscaper, so the work comes naturally. The great thing is, he’s found some hidden gems on this property… my very favorite is an old apple tree.  We’re not sure what variety of apple it is, but they are sweet and delicious. The skin is mottled with dark red, purple and green. In other words, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We’re guessing it’s an heirloom variety because it doesn’t look like any modern variety we’ve seen. The apples are small, maybe 3 or 4 inches in diameter at most. So, last weekend, we went to pick the apples. They were more than ready and some had already begun to rot and the bees were enjoying them quite a bit. Last year we harvested a bit earlier, pulled the pick-up truck right under the tree, climbed in and filled our baskets. This year, the crop was thinner, we didn’t bring the truck, so I used a pole tree trimmer to knock the apples down. I filled the one basket I’d brought along. Even though there weren’t as many apples this year, there will still be enough to can a few jars of applesauce.  Simple things like this make me happy. A tree that someone planted years ago, is still bringing joy and sustenance…perhaps for many years to come.


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